CSMT INNOVATIVE CONTAMINATION HUB An innovative company that develops highly technological products dedicated to physical training for private and professional use. AB Horizon, a young start-up operating in the fitness sector, was born in September 2020 from a project developed by the founders Alberto, Silvia and Giovanni. The desire was to create solutions that could […]

ISBS 2022 Liverpool UK en

ISBS 2022 40th Conference of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports In the context of free body physical exercise, the variety of human movements make traditional mechanical measurement systems ill-suited to assess human motion (Chan & Liu, 2009). Moreover, such approaches are often calibrated on the athlete to produce reliable results. However, vision-based Deep […]

V National Forum of Measures

V National Forum of Measures DEEP LEARNING FOR GESTURE RECOGNITION IN SPORTIVE TRAINING OPERATION PERFORMED BY STANDALONE SPECIALIZED NEURAL NETWORK VISION-BASED SYSTEMS Thanks to our collaboration with AB-Horizon, we are developing a smart mirrored AR cobot to assist people during training. Our aim is to develop an intelligent vision system for action recognition in fitness […]