Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes the fitness world

Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes the world of fitness. Real-time indications on posture. correction of the wrong movements, a training plan tailored to your needs: this is what AB Horizon, innovative company in the fitness sector «resident partner» of the Csmt Innovative contamination Hub in via Branze, which launches «Hvision» : is the evolution of the technology of «IA» presented with Horizon One, The first product of the start up founded in 2020 by Alberto Benini (and the CEO) and GiovanniArduini: HVision will be the beating heart of Horizon Glass, The new coming on 20 March next «takes home training to a level never seen before», say the company.

HVision Artificial Intelligence analyzes every movement in real time, providing immediate and accurate feedback on the correct execution of the exercises. The system is able to evaluate performance, providing useful data on the intensity and level of training, allowing you to monitor progress and achieve goals faster, but also to set the correct programme according to the physical characteristics and objectives of the user.