Horizon One

Complete training in
less than one square meter

ideal for : hotels, spas, wellness centers, yachts and wellness studios.

A new way to train

Horizon One is an incredibly innovative object, smoothly integrating performance and versatility into a perfect combination to facilitate more effective training and ensure perpetual harmony with your body.

The pleasure of working out

Through the two 80W speakers, music creates an elegant environment to enjoy an engaging and invigorating workout experience.


Concealed withing elegant and sinuous forms lies the state-of-the-art technology developed by AB Horizon: the HVision system.

The Artificial Intelligence algorithm of the HVision system recognizes the body movement in real-time and dynamically adjusts the exchanged force. Thanks to this technology, you can train safely, more effectively and achieve results more quickly.

Real-time performance monitoring

The developed algorithm assesses each performed exercise by assigning a score. Similar to a video game, as you progress to the next level, the challenge level will increase, and your performance will improve.

A revolutionary technology that makes your training experience unique

Common weights have been replaced by an innovative transmission system that allows dynamic adjustment of the exchanged force during the exercise. This makes the system active, capable of adapting to the athlete's training style and it has also reduced Horizon One overall mass to just 70 kg.


With 20 selectable power levels + 5 boost levels, it's possible to achieve up to 1000N of force Once the initial level is set, Horizon One will operate autonomously, making appropriate adjustments during the exercise execution, thus ensuring an optimal load for a safe and effective workout.

Your well-being experience

You can actively interact with Horizon One using the simple touch of your fingers or through advanced voice commands. Everything is designed to optimize the most precious thing: your time!


During the workout, the advanced chromotherapy system will activate, designed to enhance your performance.

Attachment system

The patented attachment system enables quick and secure changes. Choose the accessory that allows you to perform your workout at its best.

Adjustable arms

The adjustable arms in three directions allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises and train all the muscles in your body.

Sanitizing system

The sanitizing system, based on uv-c technology, ensures a healthy environment at the end of the workout.

Trains all muscles of the body in less than one square meter









Private Homes


Spa and Wellness Centers


Fitness Clubs

Make your home iconic with unique details and an innovative vision of the environment. Try Horizon One in the Marlin color to create your personal way of working out.

Whenever you travel, for business or for pleasure, enjoy a moment of wellness in the privacy of your own suite.

Discover the unmistakable elegance of Horizon One in the color Dark Shappire, your choice of wellness and style.

Dedicating time to yourself provides a sense of peace and a unique feeling of well-being. Discover Horizon One at the finest wellness centers and let yourself be guided through an innovative and elegant training experience.

In this specific Viridian color, it adds value to the most sophisticated environments.

Horizon One enhances every space, making it iconic, precious and, above all, timeless. Its innovative design fits perfectly within a yacht, ensuring a moment of well-being even in the heart of the ocean. In this specific Purple coloration, Horizon One is perfect for those seeking a sophisticated and glamorous style for their yacht.

Start your wellness journey at the finest clubs with Horizon One and enhance your results with artificial intelligence. The unmistakable elegance of Horizon One in the Orange Flame color is your choice for well-being and style.


  • Length x Width x Thickness: 1100 x 630 x 160 mm
  • Weight: 70kg


*Excluding accessories and optional items


  • Vision System: Hvision with individual body recognition
  • Cameras: 2 x HD 1080P, high-sensitivity 1/2.9-inch Sony IMX322 CMOS sensor, 180° ultra-wide-angle lens.
  • Display: 27-inch Full HD LED Touchscreen Monitor.
  • Speakers: 2 x 80 W.
  • Microphone: internal.
  • Connection: Wi-Fi 6E technology
  • External details:

16 different colors for the body

  • Internal details:

16 different colors for the covers

15 leather colors for handles, straps, and accessories

8 colors for stitching threads

5 colors for the casters, forks, locking handles, arm stems, frame shafts, accessories, metal inserts and screws.

  • Adaptive transmission system with continuous control and dynamic weight variation.

  • Sanitizing System: UV-C lamp
  • Power Supply: 220V
  • Homologation certificate: CE (Conformité Européene)
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