Laura Marzadori for AB Horizon

An extreme inspiration to art and scientific research.

The collaboration between Laura Marzadori (first violin of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan) and AB Horizon is a project born in the name of beauty, who expresses himself through the art of music and who creates unique objects for physical exercise, timeless and with the best technology available today.

“Music is an art form that creates well-being through emotions.
Emotions that arise thanks to the continuous search for beauty, finding the perfect balance between technique and spontaneity.
As well as music, Horizon One provides an unparalleled well-being experience.”

Laura Marzadori

The art of movement:


An object that knows how to excite because it combines the concepts of elegance and style thanks to the harmonious balance of aesthetic and functional details, the accurate design inspired by the “Italian style” and the use of noble materials. The infinite possibilities of customization, which include the choice of sixteen different colors for the body and covers, fifteen for the precious leather cattle, eight for the threads of the seams and five types of metal finishes, make each piece unique, like a tailored suit.
Elegance is in the details: like the handles and the coupling mechanism, many are the parts made from solid that recall the craftsmanship of the past, where the craftsman polished each component by hand. Processing that is still performed and handed down by expert masters.
Horizon One is an object that combines the best craftsmanship with the latest technology. Rediscover the pleasure of training by choosing between three training modes designed to allow you to effectively achieve your goals in the shortest time.
With guided training you can choose from the programs created by the best trainers for better performance, and let yourself be guided by the Hvision system, which will lead you to the achievement of your goals. If you prefer, you can also create your own path through custom training mode or choose from more than 120 exercises yourself using free training mode. Whatever your choice, the artificial intelligence system will guide you to the correct execution of each repetition.

The fascination of technology


Horizon One represents a new way of training, through a revolutionary technology designed to make you live a unique wellness experience.
HVision is the innovative vision system that uses artificial intelligence to process images captured by two high definition cameras and guides you to the correct execution of the exercises.
The algorithm, recognizes in real time the movement of the body and dynamically regulates the exchanged force. This way you can train safely, more effectively, getting results faster.
The system evaluates each exercise performed by assigning a score. As in a video game, entering the next level will raise the level of the challenge and improve your performance.

The elegance of the mechanics

No weight, but an innovative transmission system that adapts to your training style, dynamically adjusting the force exchanged during exercise. Through 20 selectable power levels and 5 boost levels, you can achieve a force of up to 1000N with an object weighing only 70 kg. Once the starting level is set, Horizon One will act independently, making appropriate adjustments during the exercise, thus ensuring a load always optimal for a safe and effective training.

The alchemy of pleasure, the equation of beauty

The search for new horizons, without following the trends of the moment, is what inspired the creation of Horizon One: an object able to express concepts such as purity, authenticity, passion and innovation, characteristics that make it a timeless masterpiece.

We are waiting for you, in the beautiful setting of the historic Hotel Vittoria, located in the center of Brescia next to the Duomo. Designed during the first half of the ‘900 by one of the most lively exponents of the Italian neoclassical, Egidio Dabbeni, is the ideal place where two forms of art meet.

Horizon One will be on display in the lobby of the Hotel on 16, 17 and 18 June. Saturday, June 17 from 17:30 to 20:30 you can watch the presentation of the special version of Horizon One created for the occasion of the 1000 Miglia. Discover how art, technology and mechanics come together to create a unique training experience.