Each product marks the beginning of a bond.

We are committed to offering an exclusive and personalized service.

Being able to see and touch with your hand is the best way to discorre the quality of the materials and the finishes

We wait for you in our atelier.


Your Horizon One is unique. The Certificate of Authenticity includes a technical and aesthetic description of the characteristics, as well as the year of manufacture. This certificate has a more than symbolic value, since it confirms the belonging of your product to the great family of excellence.


Remote maintenance service

Horizon One is equipped with a remote diagnosis system, thanks to which you can perform remote maintenance operations such as restoring any of the systems or software updates, thus reducing service time.

Pick up and maintenance service

In case of need we organize the withdrawal of the product: our team will verify your Horizon One, following a strict protocol divided into ten stages. The skills and rigor of our master craftsmen guarantee the reliability of your Horizon One and the complete restoration according to the highest quality standards.

Request a document

Each product is unique and has an identification serial number.

Upon purchase of the Horizon One, the new owner’s name is automatically entered in the registers, which AB Horizon keeps and updates meticulously from the first product/sale.

Buyers can take advantage of this opportunity and continue a tradition, aimed at bringing together in one family the owners of Horizon One.

The inclusion of your name in AB Horizon’s records continues an important custom, which underscores the company’s high regard for each customer.

You can request official documents regarding your Horizon One by filling out the following form.